Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sad But True

Its been a while since i updated anything.. well... my com died in a thunder storm one night... was serverly handicapped cos my lectures all stored inside the mac book.... 1st study break for sem 1 2010 busy like animal... monday tuesday had to drive out to the diff parks, beaches just to look at the environment... well the views were all gd but doing a project on it sucks.. who would like to drive frm 9 to 6 just to go look and identify trees and plants... then wednesday had to meet up with my group mates to disscuss abt the transect... thursday.. updated all my lectures.. friday.. ran around helping people with their mas 183 assignments LOL then went for a WILD drinking session at tales' LOL well... thats abt it i guess... oh yeah.. and who said rock bands cant do metal ? LOL time for some old school metal...

Nickleback - (Metallica) Sad but true..

Matallica - Sad But True...

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