Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back in perth....

yup... just got back to perth... well its been a SWELL-tering day.. LOL yeap.. well i have to be very greatful for events in my life.... if not i would not have found so many great friends arnd me... making my life more interesting... making life more lively.. ^_^ i would like to thank BX for lending me his hdd and getting more anime for this sem... LOL and by luck or fate or what ever intervention or what not i happen to get frm him this anime called Ah ! my goddess.. and after watching it... i felt so much better.. it made me realise that... sometimes, i have to be strong... make changes in ppls lives.... i guess thats what i'm bearing an archangel's name for.. i've been reminded why i chose his name in the first place.... ^_^ well thank you friends... all who stood by me... :) i wanna make this world a better place... and tho my past... i believe i can help people..... i hope my friends will continue to support me.. hee hee... :D THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!!

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