Sunday, November 15, 2009

life so far..

LOL just opened a junk mail today lol and i found this : But true love is a durable fire, in the mind ever burning, never sick, never
old, and never dead, from itself never turning.
Some people have such big dreams, but all I want is to love you, to wake up
beside you each morning, to feel the warmth of your hand in mine, to share
each moment, good and bad, with you, to lose myself in your loving arms. Some
people want so much out of life, but all I want is to share everything with
you, for us to talk long into the night, to dream together, and experience all
of the little things together that makes life worth living. Yes, I have a big
dream after all. And I want so many things. I want to spend the rest of my life
with the person I love. And I want to give him my love, and to make our home a
place where you always feel warm and welcome, and for us to have a relationship
in which we accept each other for who we are and always find a sweet dream in
each other’s arms. All I want is for us to love each other with unbelievable love. And I do believe that dreams can come true.

LOL weird... well life so far is going good i guess... lol don't sound too convincing eh ? LOL trying to keep mental and physical stuffs under control LOL argh.. the damn urges.. LOL cannot cannot... i already promise to quit already LOL wootz !!! I NEE MORE GUM !!! LOL T.T

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The AIR IS FRESHer now... :D

well thanks friends, guys.... esp my gd friend Arz... :)

i dedicate this song to everyone... !!! WOO HOO !!!! THANKS !!! WOOOO !!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's the day.. i dread the most..

it's been like what... a year ? well.. the day i have been planning for has finally arrived... and guess what.. tears flow... once more... been at it for hours.... and here i thought being here will be much better.. well... i guess.. birthdays are gonna be like that for me from now on.. cheers.. future......... yes.. future... that's whats holding me to the ground.. i guess the only gentleman thing i can do is just to give them my blessings and just................

Someone help me please....

PLEASE.. someone HELP ME !!!!!........... please... anyone..... just talk to me.. i'm desperate for a true friend.. please...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What a coincidence...

what a coincidence indeed... today went shopping with kob, sh & kh to stock up on gorceries for the exam period and then didn't notice sh was wearing a necklace.. also dunno y i happen to saw the necklace and i was like OMG..... HELL NO..... its EXACTLY the same thing that i bought for her for her birthday or anniversary i cant remember already... but i do remember 1 thing.. it was bought frm mintmark and co. i'm very sorry sh... i might have sounded harsh.. but yah.. i was just very stunned... its exactly the same necklace... i mean no harm to anyone...

BTW.. check out this band remake metallica song...

Here's the original..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Can't Study....

I CANT STUDY !!! FUCK !!!!!!! anyone... please... help me..... do anything... talk to me.... whatever.. fuck!.... god.. i really dunno y i just keep doing it over and over.. FINE.. i guess i finally needed to see him.. how he really looks like fine ! FINE ! now what?... i finally saw him.. so how ? i've been feeling like shit... TOTALLY SHIT ! i feel so fucking suicidal... day in day out. good.. i'm happy that u are happy.. but what now ? what the fuck am i doing here !? JUST WHAT THE FUCK AM I HERE FOR ??? shit man i feel like crying again... what can i do ???? what? just what if the book works ? arz.... fuck man... i should carry on ? kor.. i know.... but i'ts REALLY... REALLY.. getting to me...