Saturday, July 24, 2010

Great News...

haha yes indeed... my sis is getting married soon.. so happy for her.. i was talking to my family earlier and found out that my sis is going to get married next year.. Wooo Hoo.. haha... congrats to her indeed... and i will pray fer them.. haha listening to iron maiden (the evil that man do) now as i'm typing this LOL well i'm looking back at my life right now and yeah.. i've come a long way... yes a long way indeed... maybe some day... i'm keeping my hopes up as i continue to pray for her.. god bless everyone... no tears shall flow tonight... and i shall turn sorrow into anger and get stronger as i preapare for uni games !!!!! ARGHHHHH !!! LOL

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What the hell..

i just woke up.. the time now is 0530 am. on my clock it shows 0545 am.. just woke from a dream... dreamt a person of distant past... did nt know how she came to be.. but yeah.. seems so real, felt so real... rain from the eyes felt terrifyingly warm.. dont know if the words exchanged really meant something. somehow i hope its what its meant to be. could it be a vision sent by god about the future ? or it might just be me. hope its just me.. hmm.. i am the one.. wth..

Friday, May 14, 2010

happy... yeah right..

welll its been so long.. yes i do still think abt u but i guess now joyce takes my heart away... but i dunno if she feels the same.. i can only try... agnes was right.. sometimes i need to be a bit more agressive... bless you aggy... well... cant wait for metallica in oct.. ahhhhhh.... cant wait.... !!!!!! \m/ rock on !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

maybe the final post.. maybe..

how i feel now... well its like i'm very happy that she's happy with jovan now... but t the same time its like i'm sad that i don't have her.... i know what i have to do... all this time... she's the love of my life.. yes... but i know tomorrow the sun will rise.... i have to keep breathing....

thanks zheng jiang..

Making mistakes are inevitable in life...more importantly is that u learn from your mistakes & make sure it doesnt happen again in the future. We grow wiser with age, stronger with experience. ;)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sad But True

Its been a while since i updated anything.. well... my com died in a thunder storm one night... was serverly handicapped cos my lectures all stored inside the mac book.... 1st study break for sem 1 2010 busy like animal... monday tuesday had to drive out to the diff parks, beaches just to look at the environment... well the views were all gd but doing a project on it sucks.. who would like to drive frm 9 to 6 just to go look and identify trees and plants... then wednesday had to meet up with my group mates to disscuss abt the transect... thursday.. updated all my lectures.. friday.. ran around helping people with their mas 183 assignments LOL then went for a WILD drinking session at tales' LOL well... thats abt it i guess... oh yeah.. and who said rock bands cant do metal ? LOL time for some old school metal...

Nickleback - (Metallica) Sad but true..

Matallica - Sad But True...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back in perth....

yup... just got back to perth... well its been a SWELL-tering day.. LOL yeap.. well i have to be very greatful for events in my life.... if not i would not have found so many great friends arnd me... making my life more interesting... making life more lively.. ^_^ i would like to thank BX for lending me his hdd and getting more anime for this sem... LOL and by luck or fate or what ever intervention or what not i happen to get frm him this anime called Ah ! my goddess.. and after watching it... i felt so much better.. it made me realise that... sometimes, i have to be strong... make changes in ppls lives.... i guess thats what i'm bearing an archangel's name for.. i've been reminded why i chose his name in the first place.... ^_^ well thank you friends... all who stood by me... :) i wanna make this world a better place... and tho my past... i believe i can help people..... i hope my friends will continue to support me.. hee hee... :D THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


was talking to 1 of my friends on msn and she told me this.. i found it very true.. and the way she put it is very nice...

Friend says (10:19 PM):
*u noe one thing
*especially true to girls
Friend says (10:19 PM):
*i dun gamble but i find it funny for tis statement
*they gamble on love
*they gamble everything just to find out if the person they love, love them
*if they lose, they lost everything
Colin says (10:19 PM):
Friend says (10:19 PM):
*u noe wat i mean?
Colin says (10:19 PM):
*very interesting..
Colin says (10:20 PM):
*very nice.. the way u put it..
*i think i'm gonna put yur statement on my blog..